I-BOX™ is a proprietary technological platform developed by I-SEC International Security. 

The platform includes several advanced software modules, which can operate independently or integrated with other security solutions.

  • Automated Doc-CHECK™, which verifies travel documents and immigration requirements to the country of destination
  • APS (Advanced Passenger Screening) provides a unique solution for passenger screening and profiling.
  • Watchlist Matching Engine uses a sophisticated algorithm to match passengersʼ names against various watchlists

The platform contains a travel document scanner integrated with a computer. It includes Automated DOC-Check, which serves as a regulatory compliance and civil penalty prevention tool by verifying that passengers’ travel documents comply with the requirements of the countries of destination and transit included in their itinerary. I-Box allows for the storage of Advanced Passenger Screening (APS) indicators in a user-friendly format, which allows agents to locate and extract data rapidly and efficiently. 

It also utilizes the most advanced document reader currently available on the market. The full-page reader has been enhanced with sophisticated algorithms developed by I-SEC specifically for the purpose of scanning and reading standard and non-standard ICAO travel documents, as well as standard and non-standard MRZ travel documents. The scanning software can also assists in detecting forged travel documents. 


  • Automated scanning and reading of travel documents
  • Extremely high level of reading accuracy
  • Option of archiving of scanned document pages
  • Automated operation reduces the probability of errors as compared with slow, manual processing
  • User-friendly to enable easy operation by either security or handling agents