Detailed airport security surveys are a necessity in today’s high-risk environment.

Accurate, comprehensive information regarding the security procedures implemented, the specific security status of the airport, and the determination of the degree of compliance with national and international airport and aviation security standards, are essential to the identification of vulnerabilities and the determination of appropriate corrective measures. The proprietary e-nspection of I-SEC is an advanced Tablet PC-based software solution that facilitates and expedites the performance of airport security surveys at the highest professional level, effectively meeting current security needs.


  • Structured methodical survey process ensures that all relevant aspects are covered
  • Includes analysis of all information gathered and presentation of recommendations
  • Quick adaptation of surveys to meet local and/or specific needs
  • Verifies compliance with TSA, ECAC and local regulations
  • Specific attention to customer service issues
  • Generates survey reports at the push of a button
  • Detailed records kept of all previously conducted surveys for comparison and review purposes


  • User friendly detailed surveys that can be completed quickly and efficiently
  • Can be conducted by non-security staff
  • Ensures results that are comparable with those of surveys carried out by aviation security specialists
  • Cost effective: substantially less expensive than traditionally conducted surveys performed by teams of security consultants
  • Enables continuous tracking of deficiencies to verify that recommendations are properly implemented
  • Easy comparison of the security status of various airports
  • Immediate assimilation of updated regulations and standards


  • Airport authorities and management companies
  • Governmental authorities
  • Airlines
  • Insurance companies
  • Specialist auditors