In the early 80s, I-SEC International as founder of profiling, has optimized and deployed profiling for customers.

This is early detection of unsafe and unusual situations by means of behavioral analysis and targeted surveillance, and then act adequately upon it. The individuals who are involved in these situations will be subjected to a short interview. In this way we prevent or reduce unsafe and unusual situations. In recent years, by evaluating and training, profiling not only became a self-contained concept in this field, but also a security method that provides added value for many customers. The 3D concept (Detect, Determine, Deploy) is an essential element of this. I-SEC Nederland and Procheck International, both under the wings of I-SEC International, deploy the 3D concept on a daily basis. The 3D concept is more allround, and the concept can, for example, also be applied in shopping malls, public transport, airports, cruise terminals, at soccer games and other events where large groups of people gather and where public order should be maintained. Thanks to our approach, we have already averted numerous unsafe situations.

Below are some examples where 3D offers a solution.

Shop owners

Shoplifting is increasing, and has, apart from the inconvenience, unpleasant consequences for the profit and image. In addition, the cost of insurance increases each year in connection with these thefts. How can you prevent or reduce shoplifting in your business? I-SEC offers a solution. I-SEC has the 3D concept at its disposal. What is it and what are the benefits for you? The 3D Concept is a method where we use behavior scanning and targeted surveillance, not only to prevent or limit unsafe situations, but also reduce shoplifting. The emphasis is on scanning and recognizing behavior and acting on it. The concept can be deployed by you in two ways, namely training of your staff and by hiring security agents who already have extensive experience in applying this method.

Government (Police, Military Constabulary, supervisors, etc.)

The government is responsible for the safety and security of its citizens. In particular the police has the task to increase the sense of security and to restrain crime. The police force is well trained for this. Despite the training that many police officers have had, the 3D concept can absolutely complement the package. This concept is especially beneficial to be deployed by the police at large events. It is of paramount importance to know what to look for and how to react. The 3D concept offers a solution for unusual and unsafe situations. The Military Constabulary can also deploy this concept to airports and cruise terminals.

Institute of Business Exam

It provides this added value when a company can demonstrate that all employees have received training in relation to the 3D concept. Not only are the employees aware of unusual and unsafe situations that may occur but also the organization for which they work will be valued more highly. By depositing the exams at IBEX, training and assessment remain separated. Because IBEX cooperates with ISO and TÜV TNO, the quality of the training and certification are guaranteed. This makes a diploma / certificate in the 3D concept a valuable document. For security guards applies that by using this methodology, they become security professionals.


The 3D concept stands for:

  • Scanning and recognizing forms of behavior
  • Recognizing unusual and unsafe situations
  • Act adequately on what is observed
  • Address the individual in question appeal and submit to a brief interview if necessary


  • Unsafe and unusual situations are recognized early, casing criminal acts to be prevented or limited
  • Limitation financial loss
  • Limitation reputational damage
  • No increase insurance premiums
  • Employees are aware of the behavior of malicious individuals