Refresher training:

From the moment you start with us in practical security work, you will regularly be following refresher training. This means that during your work period you will follow refresher courses, which will be conducted in various ways by our supervisors / trainers.

Examples of these are: 

  • Theory lessons, where not only the curriculum of CPH is repeated, but where you will also be trained in customer service and communication skills.
  • Written knowledge test. This way you're tested for your theoretical knowledge of procedures, but also in the field of terrorism and other current events that are related to our work.
  • Practical lessons by means of role playing.

Employees about I-SEC:

  • Agent: "I feel one of the representatives of Schiphol."
  • Agent: "Security Agent is a responsible job, I feel important."

  • Agent: "It is exciting to work in the security at Schiphol."

  • Team Leader: "Together with my team I ensure that passengers can safely get on the plane."

  • Supervisor: "The cooperation between colleagues is very good."

  • Duty Manager: "The best part of this job is that you are working with people."