Training Checking Passengers and Cabin Luggage 

Before you are allowed to work as a security guard at Schiphol Airport, you must first have successfully completed the CPH training. CPH stands for Controle Passagiers en Handbagage (Checking Passengers and Cabin Luggage). The CPH course takes five days, Monday through Friday, and is conducted by trainers with lots of working experience. The course consists of theoretical and practical lessons. You will for example learn the procedures at the airport, which are the EU Member States and the Schengen countries, and you’ll learn more about the background of terrorist groups. Additionally you’ll receive training in observing, body search, x-ray interpretation and visitation. Starting the second day, you will take an exam every morning about the material you learned the previous day. On Friday you take a final theoretical exam on the learning material of the whole week as well as an exam in the taught practical components.

Schiphol College

After you pass the CPH exam and you are formally employed by I-SEC, you will (if you do not already have a diploma) be registered at Schiphol College, where you will follow the training program “beveiliger II”(Security Guard II). This course also, consists of a theoretical and a practical component. You have to graduate from this training within a year.

The first two weeks of your employment you go to school full time. The theory part contains the following components:

  • Security of the premises
  • Legal regulations

After two weeks of theory you start to work. After about three months, there is a return week during which all theory shall be repeated. During that week you will be prepared for the theory exam.

Once you have passed the exam for the theory section, you will start with the practical part. This means that you’ll have to create a "portfolio", a folder with your assignments. When you have done this and have handed it in with your tutor, you can be registered for the practical exam. This exam consists of:

  • Practical assignments
  • Observing and recording
  • Acting in critical situations

After you successfully passed these exams within one year, you are a qualified security guard!

Besides the previously mentioned courses we also provide training for, among other things, First Aid, BHV (Emergency Response Officer), AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) and dealing with aggression.