You can only apply online for the position of Airport Security Agent at I-SEC Netherlands. When you click the Apply directly link (Dutch), you'll be redirected to our digital application environment where you will do your tests. These include a color-blindness test, an English language proficiency test and a spatial awareness test. You need to successfully complete these tests in order to proceed further in our application process. Additionally, you will have to enter some personal information. These questions are associated with a number of hard criteria that we set for candidates before they can continue in our application process. Please be aware that these test will take about an hour. We therefore recommend reserving ample time and in a quiet environment to make the tests, in order to increase your chances to success.

Once you have passed the test, you will be forwarded to our Outsite portal. Here we ask you to submit your application. You will do this by entering your personal information, motivation and resume. Our recruiters will then process your application. Within two weeks you will receive further information.
Note: Any communication about your job application and its status will go via the Outsite portal (you will receive an activation email within a few days after your application), e-mail and / or telephone. It is therefore recommended to keep an eye on these communication channels (also regularly check your junk mail) to stay informed of any updates.

After our recruiters have decided that you can continue in the job application process, you will be invited for an information meeting. During this meeting you will receive more detailed information about I-SEC and the job of an Airport Security Agent. During the meeting, we will also look at your motivation, attitude and behavior.

After the information meeting will be contacted you within a few days, to schedule a job interview. During the interview we will assess your motivation, resistance to stress, sense of responsibility and your knowledge about the developments in civil aviation.
If your interview was positive, I-SEC Netherlands will have you screened by the Royal Military Police (Koninklijke Marechassee) and the "Bureau Veiligheidsonderzoeken (AIVD)". To submit these screening requiests we need several documents and information from you. Of course you will receive further information from us regarding this prior to the job interview.

Assuming your screening results in a positive advice from the security authorities, you will be invited by phone to attend the Basic Aviation Security Training (BAST). The BAST is mandatory and unpaid training of six days. This must be completed successfully before you actually start to work as Airport Security Agent.

If you already have the "beveiligersdiploma", you can start to work immediately. If you are not yet qualified, you will start a training program. During the first year follow the course "Beveiliger II" at the Schiphol College. The first two weeks in our service you will receive theory lessons, after which you will start to work as Airport Security Agent. During your trial period you will be linked to a team leader during at least ten working periods, so you can learn the work in practice.

The government has determined that you are only allowed up to one year as an unqualified security agent. Therefore, as an unlicensed security agent, have to obtain your diploma within this year. During this year you will also be supported by us to prepare for the theoretical and practical exams.