Meeting present and future challenges of our clients

I-SEC will continue its longstanding tradition of maintaining a high level of professionalism, dedication to clients, and ongoing development of cost-effective security solutions designed to continuously meet present and future challenges of our clients.

At I-SEC Netherlands, the Management Team is responsible for the compliancy with our values and ensuring that our everyday high standards are met.

Mart is the Managing Director of I-SEC Nederland B.V. since the start of its activities at Schiphol Airport in February 2008.

Mart worked in the aviation security sector at Schiphol Airport since 1990, in various positions with companies that were almost all part of I-SEC International / ICTS International. His only job outside the airport was being the director/owner of a full service software system house between 1999 and 2002.

Mart holds a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA). His experience makes Mart very involved in the daily operations of all areas in I-SEC Nederland B.V.

Together - mark my words: only TOGETHER – we can achieve anything!

Leon has been with I-SEC Netherlands since January 2018 in the position of General Manager.

After a long period in the military, Leon ended up in aviation security at Schiphol in 2002.

Over the years, Leon has worked at several security companies in the various positions, including the predecessor of I-SEC NL in the position of trainer, where he was, among other things, responsible for the OJT team and training security officers at The Hague-Rotterdam Airport.

For the last 9 years Leon has worked as a Business Unit Manager Operational Service and MT member at a regular security company, before returning to the new / old nest under the I-SEC wings at Schiphol.

Many years of experience give Leon the opportunity to strengthen the contact between the operation and all departments in the position of General Manager and to connect even more in the interest of I-SEC.

Working for an international company with a track record like I-SEC has in an international and dynamic field such as Schiphol Airport, with a diversity of different people, gives enough energy and passion to go to work every day with pleasure.

Madelon started her career as a profiler at Schiphol Airport. That same year she was asked to join the Training team at Securop which later became the Recruitment and Training division. She then joined ICTS-NAS when it launched and worked for 5 years a trainer with a strong passion for the job. In 2007 Madelon moved to ‘Luchtvaart Community Schiphol’ first as a program manager to later become the Deputy Managing Director. LCS is a foundation part of Royal Schiphol Group, KLM en the ROC of Amsterdam.

On the 1st of August 2018 Madelon rejoined I-SEC as our Quality Manager where she will be applying her 23 years of experience on Schiphol Airport for Quality and Training at I-SEC.

To be successful in any role it is all about people for me, including this new and exciting role at I-SEC. It is great to be able to work at I-SEC again with this people focus in mind. Each and everyone in the Quality and Training team are equally passionate about and focused on the people in our organization. This gives me the confidence that as a team we can help grow the organization even further.

Ingrid joined I-SEC Nederland B.V. as Finance Manager in June 2013.

Ingrid started her career as financial auditor for PricewaterhouseCoopers. Subsequently, she worked for a period of 12 years for Schiphol Group and had several financial positions at the airport of Schiphol. Ingrid is registered as Certified Public Accountant (RA) and as Certified Controller (RC).

Ingrid is registered as a chartered accountant and register controller.

Peter joined I-SEC Netherlands as HR Manager on 1st April 2019. After graduating from the Higher Hotel School in The Hague, Peter worked in corporate catering at Hoogovens for 5 years.

As Regional Manager at Tempo-Team, Peter subsequently came into contact with the HR profession. Solving occupancy- and capacity issues at other companies being his primary task. Through the position of Corporate Recruiter, Peter eventually became HR Manager of the Business Unit West Netherlands. During which period he gained knowledge and experience of all parts of the HR profession. After 11 years of working at Tempo-Team, Peter switched to Yacht (another division within the Randstad Group) where he worked in both the staff (HR Manager) and operation (Business Unit Manager).

After 1 year of NCOI (Hilversum) and 5 years of RDC (Amsterdam), Peter found his place at Schiphol.

It is fantastic to work with a group of colleagues on security and hospitality at our national airport. Passion for "people and results" is what drives him. The development of the individual, department and organization is paramount in this.

After successfully completing his education as a planner (environmental planning) at Wageningen University, Richard started in 2003 as a planner with the predecessor of I-SEC Nederland B.V. at Schiphol Airport.

After a short intermediate step as Planning Coordinator in 2005, Richard became Manager Planning & Capacity in 2006. Since then, he is responsible for the whole Central and Operational planning within I-SEC Nederland B.V. Next to this he is busy with the capacity management within the whole I-SEC Group. Richard is thé source of information regarding planning for the entire I-SEC Group.

Planning is looking ahead and continuously matching the needs of staff, customer and company. Balancing all these various interests through an efficient, reliable and flexible scheduling is an everyday challenge.

Abdul has joined the Management Team as Operational Manager as of January 1st 2015. Abdul holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management and Technical Business Administration. He also successfully completed The Lean Six Sigma & Lean Auditor Training.

In May 2008, 3 months after I-SEC Nederland B.V. officially started its security business at Schiphol, Abdul joined the company. He has 10 years of experience at Schiphol Airport, specialized in Civil Aviation and all its aspects. In the period of 2008 – 2014 Abdul worked in the position of Duty Manager, with an additional responsibility as Quality Assurance Manager. This included the I.S.O. Certification for I-SEC and the development and formalization of company processes and Quality Compliance. Further experience includes various Dutch and International projects.

In October 2014 I-SEC expanded from 800 employers to 1250 employers. Due to Abdul his knowledge and experience, he was appointed the new position of Operational Manager.

Working together on a basis of trust and respect, ensures that goals will be achieved; as a professional you always have to realise that nobody trips over mountains. It’s the small pebble that causes the stumble.

Wouter joined the company on 1 May 2019 as Operational Manager of I-SEC Netherlands.

Wouter attended the Royal Military Academy in 2002, specializing in business and police sciences. After his deployment to Afghanistan in 2012, he became a brigade commander for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee. Together with colleagues he developed the National Tactical Command (NTC) and became responsible for leading the current national operation. Subsequently he became commander borderpolice at Schiphol.

Wouter has completed the Bosno intercompany course, is a certified coach and in the final phase of his master's in Public Administration and Organizational sciences.

Motivating people, helping them develop and ensuring that they enjoy going to work every day is my motivation.