We care about you, We care about Security, We care about Your Security

Within the complex and growing area of Civil Aviation, I-SEC is the professional, leading partner in taking care of security for its customers. Customer and employee are focus in our company. We believe that security and efficiency can go hand in hand with a pleasant customer experience.

The mission of I-SEC is:

To be and remain the number 1 by offering innovative solutions to security issues in complex environments through partnership, in the context of safeguarding the interests of all our stakeholders. Our employees contribute reliably to this and assume their responsibility. They know what they stand for, are hospitable and flexible and have an eye and ear for their environment.

The interpretation of these core values within I-SEC Netherlands are:

Goal-oriented: know what you stand for

  • Every employee knows his essential contribution within his function and carries out the tasks in accordance with the agreed context and guidelines.
  • We work carefully and result-driven.
  • We think ahead and anticipate this in a solution-oriented way.

Reliability: moving forward together!

  • Agreements are honored, responsibility is taken for actions and their outcome.
  • We are honest and fair in making decisions.
  • We are transparent and ensure that mutual expectations are clear.

Hospitable:Eye for each other (towards the customer and colleagues)

  • We treat each other with respect, without prejudice. Both among colleagues and towards our customers and stakeholders.
  • Every I-SEC employee is helpful and approachable.
  • We communicate friendly, open and honest with each other in accordance with internal agreements.

Involved: See the importance in the bigger picture.

  • Every I-SEC employee stands behind I-SEC and I-SEC stands behind its employees. Core values are propagated back and forth.
  • We proactively contribute ideas and consult with colleagues to achieve goals.

We are flexible and versatile, both internally and to the customer.