We care about you, We care about Security, We care about Your Security

Within the complex and growing area of Civil Aviation, I-SEC is the professional, leading partner in taking care of security for its customers. Customer and employee are focus in our company. We believe that security and efficiency can go hand in hand with a pleasant customer experience.

The mission of I-SEC is:

To be and remain the number 1 by offering innovative solutions to security issues in complex environments through partnership, in the context of safeguarding the interests of all our stakeholders. Our employees contribute reliably to this and assume their responsibility. They know what they stand for, are hospitable and flexible and have an eye and ear for their environment. Our core values form the identity of our organization. We take these core values into account in everything we decide, develop and do. Together we put people first, we achieve impact, enjoy our work and respect all rules.

the core values within I-SEC

  • People First
  • Achieve Impact
  • Enjoying our work
  • Respect rules

K1 CoreValues

People First

In every decision we take, we first think and care about people. This relates to the safety of passengers and people working with and for our clients. But above all this relates to our own employees since they need to create safety for everyone.

  • We care about people.
  • We are adaptable.
  • We help each other to succeed.

Achieve Impact

When we do our work, we want to succeed. We want to set goals beyond what people expect of us. And we want to achieve them since actions speak louder than words.But above all we want to make sure that our work has a positive impact on the people we work with and for.

  • We set goals beyond expectations.
  • We take every action to pursue our goals.
  • We keep challenging ourselves to become even better.

Enjoying Our Work

Our people have a passion for safety, care about people and take pride in their work. We believe that we only can protect and care about people if we enjoy our work. Working at I-SEC is all about working as a team. Individual performance is essential and valued, but never at the expense of the team. Together we are better able to help each other and our customers. It also means we feel safe enough to tell each other the truth, always with the intention to help the people we work with and for.

  • We enjoy getting things done.
  • Together we go above and beyond.

Respect Rules

We protect and help people by ensuring that everything we do is reliable, consistent, and with the highest level of integrity. Therefore we need to follow the rules and regulations, act dutiful and work disciplined. As a security company, we will never compromise on safety. Together we have an obligation to avoid any situation that could jeopardize the safety of people.

  • We act dutiful.
  • We respect rules & regulations.
  • We work disciplined.
  • We never compromise safety.